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Wet Coat Painting Services

Wet Coat Painting it is a traditional metal finishing technique.
In this process, color particles suspended in a liquid solvent get pressure sprayed onto dry metal products.
Wet painting can completely cover the entire surface and painted metal does not need to be heated to cure; the solvent evaporates as the metal air dries.


Wet Coat Painting is a time-honored way to add finish to your product and gives you the flexibility of choosing the color you desire, as well as the desired thickness.
• Protects Metal from Corrosion
• Provides Glossy Sheen
• Wide range of Colors
• Can be used on Heat Sensitive Items
• Economical

Our Process

The painting is done under special conditions, the temperature and humidity being constantly monitored and it is carried out in four stages to ensure first of all the resistance of the process, but also for a good finishing of the object:
• two layers of protective primer (if necessary)
• a thick layer of finished fuller, which will ensure the connection between the layers
• two thin layers of paint (any RAL)
• a layer of varnish to protect the paint, to give depth to the color and glossy appearance.

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