AMADA ENSIS-3015 RI Flat & Tube Laser


• Different materials such as steel, stainless steel and various non-ferrous metals can be processed
• Cutting difficult to cut materials such as copper, titanium, brass is possible
• Very high and reproducible accuracy
• No start-up phases, the laser is immediately ready for operation
• Fast and flexible processing of blanks as well as residual sheets
• Laser module of the latest generation and variable beam control for optimal cutting of thin and thick materials
• The permanent control of laser power and the automatic readjustment enables uniform laser power and high accuracy
• High beam quality ensures high cut quality and high speed
• Simultaneously driven Rotary Index unit prevents twisting or bending of the tube, higher speeds are chieved during tube processing and scratches are avoided
• The automatic Z-axis control at the tube corners increases the process speed

AMADA ENSIS-3015 Rotary Index - Laser cutting capabilities:

Laser Power = (W) 3000
Work area on the sheet X x Y (mm) = 3070 x 1550
Material thickness up to:
• Mild Steel - 25 mm
• Stainless Steel - 15 mm
• Aluminium – 12mm
• Brass - 8 mm
• Copper - 6 mm
• Titanium - 5 mm
Round tube Ø (mm) = 19 - 220
Square tube diameter (mm) = 19 - 150
Rectangular tube`s diagonals (mm) = 220
Tube cutting channels (mm) = 19 -150
Angles (°) = 19 – 150
Maximum tube weight (kg) = 200.0000
Maximum tube length (mm) = 6000
Tube / profile wall thickness (mm) = 1 - 8

Technical Details

The decisive advantage of our high precision AMADA laser cut is that everything comes from a single source and the interplay between machine, control, drives and beam source is optimally coordinated with one another.
Extensive improvements or process optimizations can be implemented. The beam quality achieved is 30% better than comparable systems. This results in faster feed speeds and higher cutting qualities.
The machine is equipped with the latest generation Rotary Index for tube and profile machining.
This makes it possible to machine tubes/profiles up to 6 metres long with a maximum diameter of 220 mm and a weight of 220 kg.
Tubes, L- & U-profiles as well as square and rectangular profiles can be processed with the system.
The AMADA ENSIS-3015 Rotary Index provides tool magazine with automatic change, precision punching, high working speed, burr-free parts.
The change from sheet metal to tube processing and vice versa takes place within two minutes.

AMADA ENSIS-3015 RI - Flat & Tube Laser

Our high-performance laser cutting machines allows us to shape sheet metal with the greatest precision and quality

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