AMADA HG-100.3 ATC Press-Brake

Technical Details & Capabilities:

High-precision press beam drive
Outstanding angular bending accuracy
Constant, accurate bending angles
Motor-operated foot pedal
Precise, uniform bending is guaranteed along the entire length of the press beam

TDS: detection of the thickness of the sheet material (discrepancies between the thickness determined and a previously specified reference value are detected the entry depth of the die is adjusted)

Automatic angle adjustment
Highly accurate bending
For changing material thickness and properties
No need for test bending and adjustment of the initial bend angle

Press force = 1000 kN
Bending length = 3110 mm
Abkant Drive = Servo-Hydraulic
Distance between side frames = 2700 mm
Stroke = 250 mm

Hybrid Bending Machine with Automatic Tool Changer

Pioneering technology for prototyping, small lot sizes and high variety of parts - maximum machine utilization by minimizing set-up times.
In the sheet metal processing a variety of parts and small quantities are required. To successfully meet this requirement, AMADA exemplifies the HG ATC Series - the combination of a servo-hydraulic press brake with automatic tool changer.

AMADA HG-100.3 ATC Servo-Hydraulic Press-Brake

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