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Step Project offers the highest quality metal punching for both custom and standard shapes.
CNC punching is a modern sheet metal fabrication process that is carried out by computer-controlled punch press machines. Punch presses use special rams to create holes or indent forms into sheet metal using dedicated computer software to position the ram.
Using a single AC servo motor punch action, small footprint and large capacity turret, we can ensure stable, high speed, high quality processing of the most demanding production. Many process integration functions and an environmentally driven design provide a very cost efficient performance.


• Increased Productivity
Once a design has been chosen and created, it can be used over and over again – This repeatability increases productivity by removing technical and intensive manual processes.
• Speed and Accuracy
This automation and repeatability also makes this method fast, no matter how complex the design, the overall production time is reduced. Accuracy is not compromised either, in fact CNC machines are commonly used for the most precise and complicated shapes and machining.
• Efficiency
CNC punching machines reduce the amount of waste that is produced whilst being fast and accurate. With an internal quality detector installed in many machines, when a deficiency is detected, the machine will stop punching to avoid any further wastage.
• Safe and Cost-Effective
As the waste is kept to a minimum, this saves money in the long run as no raw materials will be thrown away. Also, as the whole process is automated, the operator is kept safe providing a hazard-free environment.

Punching Capabilities

Punching force = 200 kN
Drive system = Single AC servo drive
Number of stations = 45
Machine frame = Bridge frame
Axis travel distance = 2.500×1.270 mm
Type of table = Table with standard brushes
Table load capacity = 150 kg
Speed = 100 m/min
Maximum hit rate (punching/marking) = 5 mm stroke / 25.4 mm pitch
Punching accuracy = ± 0.1 mm
Commonly punched materials include:
• Steel (All Alloys)
• Galvanized Steel
• Aluminum (All Alloys)
• Brass
• Copper
• Titanium
• Zinc

AMADA AE-2510 NT Punching Machine

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